The Reformed Law Prof(SM)

"The tools that have been provided by the Growth Coach have helped me to think through my business and develop a strategic plan to achieve my goals.  The Growth Coach has transformed my thinking so that I now concentrate more of my efforts in 'working on my business' as opposed to 'working in my business.'  Additionally, the Growth Coach is assisting me in becoming more proactive rather than reactive in meeting the daily challenges of running a law practice.  I look forward to continuing further with the Growth Coach and learning new strategies to improve my business."  Monts Law, P.L.

I started teaching law in 1983 and have seen my share of graduates struggling to start their own practices. For most, hanging their shingle immediately after graduation and passing the bar was not an option. They were clueless on the subject of law practice management and had limited business acumen.

I walked in those clueless shoes myself and decided to go back to school to get my MBA in Finance and Accounting. Afterwards, I became a CPA and got tremendous experience working with businesses of all different industries and sizes. As a CPA, I visited client facilities and had a "behind-the-scene" vantage point of how businesses are run. I was able to have discussions with owners and senior management about their challenges, concerns, accomplishments, and vision. Later, I served as contract general counsel to businesses handling a variety of personnel, contract, and regulatory issues.  As a solution-driven professional, I later teamed up with the national franchise organization of The Growth Coach® to complement my results orientation with the ability to facilitate and guide practitioners in the development of their own strategies for successful operations.  My diverse background has equipped me for teaching about the business of the practice to law students and lawyers.

As THE REFORMED LAW PROFSM, it is my mission as a reformed member of the legal academy to provide resources and to teach law students and lawyers the skills necessary for the profession as well as the tools for the business of the practice. It is my goal to eliminate or seriously reduce the cluelessness that lawyers have as to what it takes to be an owner and operator of a successful legal practice.



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