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At Sage Evolution, LLC, our goal is to educate for the purpose of empowering our clients to achieve greater business and personal success. Business success is less about tactics, techniques, or mechanics and more about how business owners and executives habitually think and act. Through our coaching and consulting services, we work with our clients--helping them gain perspective, develop insight, hone their vision, and spearhead transformative change.

"Joan was an outstanding member of T/J Technologies' Board of Directors and contributed valuable insights to the company from inception to acquisition by A123Systems. Joan served as Treasurer and Secretary on the board. Joan's business, legal and accounting expertise made her a valuable board member who consistently delivered sound advice. Her opinions were solicited and respected by company executives and other board members. She is a great coach and a thoughtful, caring individual. I highly recommend her."
Maria Thompson, President and CEO, T/J Technologies, Inc.


THE REFORMED LAW PROF(SM) was born out of the frustration voiced by practitioners of the lack of preparation of new lawyers for the business of the practice of law. This lack of preparation is not so much the fault of novice lawyers but is instead the result of a deliberate choice of the legal academy to focus almost exclusively on teaching doctrinal law and analytical reasoning skills to the exclusion of practice management and leadership training.

As a seasoned and tenured member of the legal academy, Joan chooses to share the blame with her ivory tower colleagues in providing law students with only a portion of the critical tools they need to effectively practice law. Having learned the error of her ways, Joan considers herself reformed (hence the name, "THE REFORMED LAW PROF"), and sees it as her obligation to fill in the gap between the theory of the classroom and the realities of practice within and beyond the law school environment. She draws upon her MBA in Finance and Accounting from the University of Michigan and her experience as a CPA to train law students and lawyers on effective practice management skills through seminars, workshops, and one-on-one coaching sessions.


At Sage Evolution, LLC, we are available to assist organizations with special projects. We will be happy to talk with you regarding your specific needs.

  • • Business plans
  • Marketing plans (including social media)
  • Succession planning
  • Growth through merger or acquisition


Sage Evolution, LLC operates a franchise territory of The Growth Coach®, an international leader in business coaching. At the Growth Coach® we work with you to transform your business to match your definition of success. You are the expert in your business and the accomplishment of your dreams, your vision, and your goals are important to us.


We assist business owners, managers, executives, professionals, and sales teams in achieving their personal and business goals. Our business coaching services are guaranteed to provide results.

  • Quarterly Retreat / Workshops - Unique year-round coaching and accountability process
  • One-On-One Coaching - Personal Coaching Sessions
  • Strategic Manager Coaching - Transform Good Managers into Great Managers
  • Sales Mastery - Year-round sales improvement process for immediate and long-term improvements in sales performance and results
  • Special Projects Assistance - Facilitate implementation of business strategies and goals and provide an objective perspective
  • CLE and CPE seminars - Fulfill annual education requirements and improve business and personal results
  • Strategic Mindset - Assessment Profile - Improve your understanding of the dynamics that influence communication and positve relationships
  • Speaking Engagements - Various topics to motivate and educate your members on business  and personal growth

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